Here's some links to amazing musicians, bands,and organizations the members of The Andy Pizzo Project play with outside of this great band.  Thanks to all for their support.

  Mark Mullins and Craig Klein are a couple of the most innovative trombone players anywhere.  Having played with Harry Connick Jr.'s big band for many years, they have taken the instrument to a new level  in their New Orleans brass funk rock band, Bonerama.   

Ned Fasullo brings big band entertainment to Baton Rouge.  Along with his  Fablulous Big Band Orchestra,  he proves great American standards that never go out of style.  Andy can be seen leading the trombone section in the big band setting as well as the 6-piece combo setting.

Carribean rhythms with a serious side of salsa and Latin jazz have brought Vivaz plenty of attention.  Andy has recorded and performs with this amazing latin band.  Andy also performs/tours with La Excelencia, formerly known as LOS CALIENTES.  This is an innovative salsa band, formerly of Baton Rouge and currently of New York City, that continues to play to sold out crowds wherever they perform in the United States.

Andy and Matt also are a part of PhatHat, a funky Baton Rouge outfit thowing down funk and soul from the 70's and 80's.  You don't HAVE to sport a funky cool hat to come see them, but it's sure fun.